René de Cárdenas






Professor René de Cárdenas, for more than 30 years was part of the Cuban National Ballet under the direction of Alicia Alonso, and he also was a teacher, choreographer and ballet master in different academies and companies. His choreographic work is recognized and respected in different companies around the world, specially his Sonlar, Dance and Percussion Show, which was performed in many Cuban and European stages with positive reviews. 

When he graduated, he obtained the award "Best Junior Couple" at the International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria, 1978.

He has published a book of fiction tales Hatana of the Remedies with Extramuro Publishing House; whose launching took place at the Havana International Book Fair, 2009. It was the first book of a trilogy on the life and despair of its inhabitants, in an island wandering aimlessly through repeated seas.

In his constant search for new spaces for creation, he has ventured into the world of photography, and his images have been chosen for different spots and base graphic designs. He has been invited to exhibit his work Broken Roads series at various regional festivals in Italy and Sweden.

He has been invited to his first personal exhibition in Switzerland, with the series Intimate Mountains that will be part of his photography book.

In his brief but intense incursion in photography, he has been invited to three personal exhibitions in Italy and Sweden in Arts Events, where he has exhibited two of his Series. Just as his photo "Restfulness" was chosen at the 11th CONTEST OF DIGITAL PHOTO of the INICO, North Group Foundation Award."