It is the need to express a thought or to expose a feeling, what many times reveals the artist that is inside yourself; the best bolero songs have emerged out of a lack of affection or a lie; and in the event of so many lived and encircling misfortunes, it was impossible for the me to uphold the tie-ups of the creation, I was always urged for the sake of truth, my truth, sublime or stupid, the one that I need to release and not to keep any one inside.

Going from the lively and three-dimensional motion of the body to the static figure; or from the word to the eloquence of silence, it endears the challenge and the constant need to create, feverish and more pleasurable nature than the result per se of the work.

Photography is to gather what seems to me important, engaged or discovering, and it goes by unnoticed in front of the eyes of the other ones. It is proposing a different path.

BOTEBOTEVA (Coming Projects)

It is a work on the topic of the immigration, with a very personal vision of the whys, and its consequences.



First personal exhibition, in February 2017, Switzerland.

From the transparency of the shadows on the solidity of the extremes of the body, curves, leaps, reliefs arise, which recreate mountains, waterfalls, labyrinthical spaces.



This is a proposal where the drama of what's quotidian intertwines with the concepts and the force of the captured images in the sincerity of the instant.

DANCE alone

It´s a journey for scenes of different manifestations of Dance, all the photos were taken in scene.


It is an idea based on my book Duo Technique, and although its ground is the classical dance, it comprises everything that my forces gave to do a journey through some technical facets of duo dance in general.  


I have gathered photos of six years of work in a dynamic plurality of scenes, a theater from 1800, a dance hall or an open square. Among holds, décalé, lifts in almost absurd positions, I try to give a vision of the possibilities that this encounter of two has. Without barriers of styles, being classical, contemporary, neo-classical, Pas de deux, Adagio, man-woman or woman-woman... I prefer not to stop myself in the encoding that sometimes suffocates the freedom of interpretation and creation itself, I seek to amplify harmony, the conversation, the complicity of two who are fused in an encounter to make someone have a good time and to get to one point from where we departed: Dance.


variations about tutu

This series starts with sculpted bodies, tutus and movements. I started hesitantly, I had seen works on the stage of tutus with naked torsos, but as it progressed, ideas began to appear, risks to run and things as absurd as beautiful.


From the first session I felt some uneasiness in the tutu, it moved ... at one point it did not resist and I jumped out, started almost without control to go over the body of the models, took a walk by the arms, ran a neck, then the chest, crossed between two bodies demanding a hug, and took a restless range of poses that enriched each click.


What started as dancers with tutus, came to be read as tutus with dancers, hence the title of the series.